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The best burger places in Budapest

Besides pizzas, hamburgers are definitely the most popular fast foods in the whole wide world, and have given life to both mammoth-sized franchises and tiny burger joints during their century-long history. As the years went by, heaps of nation-centric burger variations have mushroomed, and eateries focusing on burgers have appeared in every country from Australia to Hungary. To make things easier on you, we’ve collected the best burger places Budapest has to offer, check them out!

Magic Burger

Love makes everything better, and, in the light of Magic Burger’s story, it’s even true in the curious case of hamburgers. Magic Burger, housed by a trailer located in Óbuda, in the vicinity of Aquincum, is run by a young couple who are just as enthusiastic about each other as they are about making the finest burgers in the city. It’s not a coincidence that, despite being quite far from the always-busy downtown area, Magic is one of the most frequented burger spots in Budapest. Three types of buns – one holding no surprises, one sprinkled with sesame seeds, and a third variation with onions, made from whole wheat flour – are available, which are stuffed with freshly-fried, mouth-watering chunks of steak, homemade sauces, vegetables, and tons of melted cheese. Prices are moderate, while portions are on the other side of the street, so you’ll leave neither hungry nor with empty pockets.

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